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PPSA Secured Loan Agreement $89.95

Secured Loan Agreements

info icon When to Use this Agreement

People lend and borrow money for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s a friend helping a friend in need or a family member borrowing to buy a car. There are few things more distressing than having a valued friendship break down over money. By putting your loan agreement in writing the parties eliminate doubt and reduce the possibility of a misunderstanding occurring.

This loan agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which "the lender" advances funds to “the borrower” and can easily be modified to suit your needs.

Will the Lender hold security for the loan over something of value?

In order to comply with the Personal Property Securities Act 2009, the lender and borrower must  clearly document the property offered as security.

This agreement contains all the provisions required to create a loan so the lender can register their interest on the personal property security register (PPSR).

Along with a detailed users guide this secured loan agreement will give the lender the confidence that their interests are protected and borrower a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Important Note: this agreement is not suitable for consumer credit transactions or where the security is land or buildings.

Available for Immediate Download - Easy to edit Word Document

Your professionally drafted, PPSA compliant loan agreement comes to you as a Microsoft Word document that can be used as often as you like. Simply insert your personal information and go to print.

This document also includes a Simple Loan Agreement that may be preferred in some circumstances.


info icon The Contract includes the following provisions -

  • Payments.
  • Interest.
  • Type And Place Of Payments.
  • Prepayment.
  • Default.
  • Enforcement.
  • Governing Law.
  • Recourse.
  • Security Interest.
  • Covenants.
  • Lender's Rights And Remedies.
  • Benefit Of Agreement.
  • Severance.
  • Execution In Counterparts.
  • Entire Agreement.


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