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Put simply, a Confidentiality Agreement (or non disclosure agreement) is a written contract stating the people you talk to will not be able to take your proprietary and confidential information and use it for themselves. Ideas have value, and your ideas are no different. A Confidentiality Agreement serves to allow both parties to communicate freely, without having to worry about negative consequences if they disclose proprietary or sensitive information.

Confidentiality agreements are also known as Non Disclosure Agreements or Trade Secret Agreements.


A few examples of confidentiality agreements or non disclosure agreements available from this site are

Confidentiality Agreement (one way)

Use this Confidentiality Agreement whenever you want to protect important business information, techniques, ideas and secrets etc where one party is the discloser and the other the recipient.

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Use this agreement when two parties wish to explore business opportunities and it would be mutually beneficial to exchange certain confidential information.

Confidentiality Agreement for Sale of Business

Use this agreement when the Owner of a business for Sale wishes to disclose to an Intending Purchaser sensitive, and Confidential Information in order to evaluate the business.

Confidentiality Employee Non-Compete Agreement

Its not uncommon for an employer to ask employees to sign non compete agreements. Non compete or restraint Provisions within the agreement are a promise by an employee not to compete with his or her employer for a specified time, in a particular place or in a particular way.