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Business Lease Agreement

Info Icon When to Use this Agreement

Use this Agreement when a business owner “the lessor” wishes to lease a business to a second party “the lessee” in return for a regular rental income.

This document defines the terms and conditions under which the business owner (the Lessor) leases the business to the New business manager (lessee). The Business Lease agreement can easily be modified to reflect a specific Term or any number of other options. It will provide you with strong legal recourse should a misunderstanding arise and/or the other party fails to fulfil its obligations while under contract. more

Your professionally drafted business lease agreement is available for immediate download. The document comes to you as a Microsoft Word and PDF template and you can use the templates as often as you like. Simply edit the fields as you require then print your legally binding contract.

Info Icon The Contract includes the following provisions –

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Lease of equipment
  • Term of Business Lease.
  • Extension of Term.
  • Rental.
  • Confidential information
  • Use of business name
  • Manual
  • Default
  • No set-off or withholding of payment
  • Assignment of Rights by the Lessor to Lender.
  • Ownership of equipment
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Insurance
  • Damage and loss
  • Limitation on Lessee’s Right to Assign, Lease, or Sublet Equipment
  • Covenants regarding possession and use of goods
  • Defences, Setoffs, Claims Against Lessor’s Assignee
  • Ownership of Business Equipment
  • Indicia of Lessor’s Ownership
  • Title to Business Equipment Unencumbered
  • Delivery of Business Equipment
  • Repairs to and Maintenance of Business Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Damage to Business Equipment
  • Inspection
  • Fixing defects; Emergencies
  • The equipment as fixtures to land
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Name plates and identification of equipment
  • Dealings and seizures of goods
  • Return of documents
  • Write off or partial write off
  • Equipment used at Lessee’s risk
  • General responsibilities of the Lessee
  • Record Keeping
  • Marketing, advertising and promotions
  • Notices
  • Termination of Business Lease.
  • Severability
  • Applicable Law

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