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Cut your Legal fees with Easy to Use Legal Contract Templates

Since 1990 RP Emery & Associates have supplied the business community and individuals with professionally drafted, ready-made contract templates.

You can save thousands of dollars by creating reliable legal documents from your home or office computer.

Simply open the template you wish to use, insert all relevant details in the appropriate spaces, and go to print.

It’s that Easy!

What’s more, you can use the same contract template over and over again at no further cost.


Of course complicated legal matters require professional advice. However with access to the correct contract template which includes all the essential terminology , many straightforward issues are easily resolved.

Our customers include individuals, small businesses, large public corporations, and the legal fraternity. We have customers who cannot afford to use high cost legal services and a great many who can – but simply choose not to.

Even if you plan to consult your adviser, imagine how much time you’ll save by having most of the document prepared before your first meeting.

Single Contract or Document Bundle?

At RP Emery and Associates, we understand that your needs are as individual as you are. Sometimes you only need a contract template to suit a specific purpose and sometimes you need multiple contracts to meet your legal obligations effectively.

That’s why we give you the choice – you can purchase a single contract template (many available for immediate download) or you can purchase your documents as part of a money saving bundle.

Explore our site and discover how solid legal protection becomes surprisingly affordable…

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