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Retail Lease Disclosure Statements

Retail Tenancy Laws in Australia are governed by state legislation. Each state and territory has its own set of rules independent of the other, although differing, many of those rules are quite similar.

When ever a landlord enters negotiations to lease retail premises, he/she is required to put in writing all the aspects of the lease that will impact on the prospective tenants ability to make a sound business decision with regard to the leasing arrangement. This is known as a Lessor’s disclosure statement.

Under state and territory laws the tenant must be given a disclosure statement, in most cases as soon as negotiations begin or the Landlord is committing an offence. Tough penalties apply if you don’t, or if the statement is inaccurate.

The Disclosure Statement should include among other thing the amount of rent payable, the lease period outgoings that the tenant would be responsible for and many other considerations.

Some states provide freely available disclosure statement forms that even a seasoned professional property manager would find difficult to understand. Indeed there are even some overseas companies who will gladly accept your money in exchange for the freely available form.

We understand how this may seam just too difficult for the layman to handle themselves. That’s why most legal professionals generally charge upwards of $1500 for a disclosure statement and lease. However with a little help from RP Emery and Associates completing the disclosure statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task and it won’t break the bank.

We’ve compiled this set of quality disclosure statements with easy to follow instructions for each Australian state and territory. Each section of the statement contains detailed instructions that clarify the questions and lead you to the answers required.

One should note these Disclosure Statements are intended for use with smaller strip type shops or the corner store. They are not for use with large Retail shopping centres.

Simply pick the statement that applies to your state or territory and you can download a professionally drafted disclosure statement in minutes.

Please note that our Retail Lease Kits include a disclosure statement

Victorian Retail Lease Disclosure Statement
New South Wales Retail Lease Disclosure Statement
Western Australia Retail lease disclosure statement
South Australia retail lease disclosure statement
A.C.T (Canberra) Retail lease disclosure statement
Northern Territory Retail lease disclosure statement
Tasmania Retail lease disclosure statement

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