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Are You Selling Your Business?

Don’t Gamble with Your Future – Protect Yourself Every Step of the Way, and Pocket Your Legal Fees too!

Selling your business can be a time consuming, expensive and stressful task.

When your financial future hinges on the successful outcome of your negotiations you want to make sure that you have every angle covered.

Common pitfalls of selling your business include:

  • Not protecting your vital business records, information and trade secrets.
  • Deals falling through due to property transfer obstacles.
  • Not having a structured hand over plan.
  • Confusion over assets whether real or intellectual.
  • Confusion or disagreements between existing partners, to name just a few.

RP Emery & Associates have recently released an up-to-date set of “Business Contracts” specific to the needs of the business owner on the move.

By having this comprehensive legal package on hand, you have a cost effective alternative to costly closed door solicitor consultations.

It is a tool that can literally save you thousand of dollars in legal fees not to mention hours preparing for and meeting with your legal consultant.

Using the Contracts is Simple

After opening the Contract in your favourite word processor, simply insert all the relevant details in the appropriate spaces, and go to print.

You now have a legally binding document that will protect you and your livelihood. It’s that simple!

And should you need a contract more than once – simply re-open your original contract template and insert your information again.

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