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RP Emery & Associates ~ Legal Publishers Since 1990

RP Emery & Associates have provided the business community and individuals with professionally drafted, ready-made contract templates since 1990.

Each Emery contract or business form has been drafted by experienced solicitors to comply with Commonwealth, state(s), and independent territory by-laws.

This means that you can competently meet your legal and contractual requirements without the cost of hiring a solicitor.

Whilst its true that complicated legal matters do require professional advice, many straightforward day to day issues can easily be addressed, simply by having access the correct document.

In fact, it’s no secret that law firms use templates just like these every single day.

Anybody can use our contracts – individuals, small business and large public corporations.

We have customers who cannot afford the high cost of professional legal fees and a great many who can – but simply elect not to.

Take the time to see the wide range of contracts and forms that we offer or contact us here.