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Equine Agistment Agreement – Horse Agistment Contract

This Equine Agistment Agreement clearly spells out the terms of the agistment to reduce the chance of a dispute arising through misunderstandings.

Agistment is the placement of livestock from one farm onto another for food, water, and shelter – in return for a fee (usually cost/head/week).

Both the landholder or Agistor and horse owner are aware of their responsibilities under the agistment agreement, including

  • what the fees are,
  • when they are due
  • what happens if they are not paid,
  • care of sick horses
  • optional clauses outlining extra duties/responsibilities of Landholder.

This also prevents the landholder having to care for a horse that is not being paid for.

Sample Document Excerpt

equine agistment agreement sample

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