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Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement $99

Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

Use this Deed of Assignment whenever you wish to transfer the ownership of intellectual property from one entity to another. This is an enforceable contract effectuating an assignment of intellectual property rights from an “Assignor”, the owner of the rights, to an “Assignee”, the purchaser of the rights, in exchange for valuable consideration.

Unlike an Intellectual Property License Agreement, which provides the licensee a right to use, but not to own, certain intellectual property rights. A Deed of Assignment involves a complete and exclusive sale of the rights, thus giving the assignee complete ownership to exploit the intellectual property rights in whatever way, shape, or form it likes, subject to any limitations listed in the agreement.

The transfer may include a one off cash payment or an ongoing Royalty or it may simply be the transfer from the owner to a company in exchange for shares in the company.

This Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement is formatted for your convenience using Microsoft Word and is available for immediate download. You can use this template time after time, simply edit the fields as you require and print your agreement.

info iconThe agreement with easy to follow instructions includes the following provisions-

  • The Parties
  • Definitions
  • Assignment
  • Consideration
  • Assignees further rights
  • Warranties
  • Further Assurances
  • Amendment
  • Liability for Expenses
  • Governing Law

info icon Sample Document Excerpt

IP Assignment SampleAssignment Intellectual Property Sample 2

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