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Parenting Plan Agreement

Parents use a Shared Parenting Plan to document how they plan to share the care of their children after a divorce or separation.

This parenting plan template deals with the following important issues:

  • who the child or children will live with,
  • access rights of the other parent,
  • school holidays,
  • time with other people such as grandparents or extended family members,
  • parental responsibility,
  • medical issues and
  • other major decisions parents will be required to make,
  • dispute resolution and
  • financial provisions (although this can be set out more clearly in a Child Support Agreement)

Working out a Shared Parenting Plan can have many advantages. For example, agreeing between yourselves means you can control the process and you avoid having to fight each other in court. Going to court can be a highly stressful and expensive experience so it is worth avoiding if at all possible.

You can save yourself a lot of money, time and distress by working things out with your partner, and more importantly, it is better for your children. Kids often feel more safe and secure when they know what is going on in their lives and have a predictable schedule to follow.

When children know that their parents have talked about what’s best for them, and know that a plan is written down, they are likely to feel cared for and safer. If your children can predict the shape of their lives and know that you will keep the adult issues between adults, they will be able to manage the stresses and fears of the separation much better.

This Shared Parenting Plan is available singularly for 44.95 or is available in the Child Support Agreement Pack for $119.95

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Parenting Plan Agreement Sample