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Casual Employment Contract – Employers Information and Casual Employees

The difference between casual employees and permanent employees can be confusing and there is no definitive legal test. Although it is difficult to find a precise definition for the term ‘casual’, it is accepted that casual employees are hired on an uncertain, informal and irregular basis.

Casual employees usually do not receive sick leave or annual leave and are generally paid a casual loading to offset this.

Employment Agreements for Casual Staff

Casual employees are hired on an uncertain, irregular or informal basis and do not usually receive sick or annual leave entitlements.

Prime examples are casual bar staff or shop assistants who are never really sure when they will be needed to work. Casual positions are often used to trial workers with permanent work offered as a reward for good performance.

It is in the interests of both employees and employers to define the employment relationship in a written casual employment agreement, because it spells out the employee’s entitlements and ensures they understand what is expected of them in return.

RP Emery’s up-to-date Casual Employment Agreement is suitable for casual employment positions that come under a modern award. It contains all the terms and conditions required to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009, along with detailed explanatory notes and a copy of the freely available Fair Work Information statement, which must be provided to every new employee.

Available for immediate download, this document comes to you as a Microsoft Word template that can be used as often as you like. Simply insert the correct information in the appropriate field and tab to the next. Now print your professional casual employment agreement!

This casual employee agreement with easy-to-follow instructions includes the following provisions-

  • Position
  • Duration of employment
  • Hours of Work
  • Rate of pay
  • Payment of wages
  • Superannuation
  • Entitlements
  • Work Location
  • Training
  • Company policies and Procedure
  • Governing Law
  • Declaration and Signatures

Sample Casual Employment Contract Excerpt

Casual Employee Agreement Sample

Your ready-to-use kit includes everything you need

  • Professionally drafted Casual Employment Contract
  • Casual Employee Users Guide
  • Fair Work Information Statement
  • Friendly customer support

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