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Before you SIGN on the dotted line!

If a rift or misunderstanding occurs in a business arrangement usually the last line of defence you have is a duly “signed” and dated legal agreement.

However, whether you “legally” come out on top or not ALL depends on how well the legal agreement was drafted in the first place.

The new Breakthrough LegalGuide™ (by R. P. Emery & Associates) reveals one of the most common areas where an agreement can let you down is when it contains “double meanings” or “ambiguities.”

One of the safest ways you can avoid having your agreement legally torn-apart is by including clauses, which ONLY embody clear and concise meanings. In other words, an agreement must contain well-defined clauses that cannot — “in any way, shape or form” be interpreted as ambiguous.

By having a general understanding of agreement clauses and the “crucial” part they play in a legal and binding agreement can help you AVOID falling victim to putting your signature on an agreement that is not worth the paper it’s written on.