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Legal Contract Kit Advantages

Good reasons to use our Legal Contract Templates

Apart from the fact that you will save time, money and hassle, our template kits offer the following advantages.

Legal ProtectionA written contract offers you the security of legal protection because you can clearly document the terms of your arrangement and eliminate the misunderstandings and confusion that can occur without the paperwork.

Australian LawEach of our Legal Contract templates has been drafted to comply with Australian law for your peace of mind. You can be sure that the contract you receive suits the purpose for which you intend to use it.

professional lawyersEach legal template is drafted by Australian Lawyers and legal professionals. In fact many Australian Lawyers use our document templates themselves.

Easy to USeEach Legal contract template has been drafted in plain English. We scrutinise each agreement carefully to ensure that it is written in plain language for the common man and woman to understand. If our non-legally staff can’t understand it, then it goes back for more revision.

Most of our legal contract templates come complete with written and / or video instruction. Those contracts that do not include instructions are very simple and self explanatory and do not require additional material.

editable templatesEach Legal contract template comes to you as an editable word document. This means you can edit the document should you need to. Some documents are locked which means that they are formatted in a prescribed format by law and therefore should not be altered apart from adding your personal information.

Download immediatelyOur document templates are available for instant download upon successful payment. This means you can have access to the document you need fast.

reusableBuy once – use time and again. You can use our document templates again and again making them an extremely cost effective legal solution.

guaranteeMoney Back Guarantee РWe strive to provide products of the highest standard in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In addition to the protections provided by Australia’s consumer laws, our refund policy guarantees that the products you purchase from us are fit for the purpose set out on the website information and sales pages. Read more about our Guarantee.