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Contract Preparation Hints Book Helps You Make Ironclad Contracts For Maximum Legal Protection

When a misunderstanding occurs in business your last line of defence is a signed contract.

However, whether you legally come out “on top” or not, depends entirely on how well the contract was drafted and whether the types of legal provisions and clauses used in the contract protect your individual needs.

RP Emery and Associates have compiled a Contract Preparation Book which gives you a range of tips, hints, and legal secrets to make sure that your contracts provide you with the strongest legal protection.

It reveals in everyday plain English every-thing you need to know about using business contracts.

Priceless Contract Information!

One of the most common areas where a contract can let you down is when it contains “double meanings” or ambiguities. The safest possible way to avoid having a contract torn-apart is by making sure it includes well-defined clauses, which only embody CLEAR and concise meanings.

This new guide covers “Power Clauses” and vital areas as:

  • How to avoid costly legal fees,
  • asset protection,
  • advice of counsel,
  • before signing on the dotted line,
  • statement of the parties,
  • warranties,
  • disclaimers,
  • reducing lawsuit risks,
  • how to quickly and legally recover employee training expenses,
  • and how to sign legal documents so that you avoid liability,
  • and much more


It is your first line of defence in legal protection.

Order it today, USE it, and profit from its easy-to-understand plain English information.

It’s truly the be-all and end-all of how-to legal guides for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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