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Registering NT Comm Prop Lease

It is recommended that leases in the Northern Territory be registered. This is to ensure that the Tenant’s lease interest in the land is protected if the land is sold to a third party in the future. A third party purchaser of the Land will be bound to the terms of the Lease if it is registered.

Leases under 3 years are not required to be registered.

To register your Lease, you will need to forward the following documents to the Northern Territory Land Titles Office:-

1. Lease Form 31. This form can be downloaded from the Northern Territory Land Titles Office here:-

2. The signed Lease annexed to the Form 31;

3. Certificate of Title;

4. Plan (only required where the Tenant is leasing a part of the land only);

This is not intended to be a definitive guide to registering your Lease. You can obtain more information by calling the Land Titles Office on (08) 8999 6520.