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Why use this agreement? The temptation to avoid discussing topics such as breaking up and death is understandable. However it is a sure sign of the strength and determination of your relationship when you can discuss the practical and unromantic aspects of your relationship openly and honestly. Your Cohabitation agreement becomes a legal expression of […]

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A Financial Agreement removes the need to enter extended litigation following a relationship breakdown. This is because it prevents the parties from going to Court for orders relating to the assets and liabilities covered in the agreement. For just $147.00 our Binding Post Nuptial Financial Agreement kit gives you the framework for a compliant Post […]

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See also Cohabitation Agreement – If you are not intending to get married you can still make a binding financial agreement under s90UB or s90UC. This comprehensive Binding Pre Nuptial Financial Agreement Kit has been drafted to comply with section 90B of the Family Law Act 1975 and provides all the guidance you need to […]

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