Human Resources in the Workplace Contract List

Acknowledgement Of Application

Acknowledgement Of Disclaimer

Acknowledgement Of Employment Test

Acknowledgement Of Resume

Applicant Checklist

Applicant Rating

Applicant Referral Program

Applicant Waiver

Authorisation For Medical Test

Authorisation For Medical Information

Bonus For Employee Referral

Clerical Applicant Rating

Confirming Interview

Confirmation Of Employment

Employment Application

Job Applicant Evaluation

Job Position Description

Job Position Not Available

Job Opening Not Available

No Decision On Hiring

Notice Of Job Opening

Notice Of Job Interview

Notice Of Available Position

Overqualified For Position

Pre-employment Reference

Pre-employment Checklist

Request For Employment Reference

Requested History Of Employee

Request For Reference

Verification Of Education

Verification Of Employment

---- Employment Agreements

Acknowledge Independent Contractor

Acknowledgement--temporary Employment

Agreement For Internship

Agreement To Work Night Work

Assignment Of Wages/Salary

Company To Pay Moving Expenses

Conflict Of Interest Declaration

Confidentiality Agreement

Consent For Drug/Alcohol Testing

Employee Assignment Of Inventions

Employee Non-compete Agreement

Employee Indemnity Agreement

Employee Non-compete Agreement

Employee Reimbursement Agreement

Share Subscription Agreement

Foreign Employment Agreement

General Non-compete Agreement

Notice Of Waiver Of Confidentiality

Sales Representative Agreement

Waiver Of Liability

---- Processing New Employees

Announcement Of New Employee

Authorisation Of Payroll Deduction

Company Recommendation Of Employee

Direct Deposit Authorisation

Employee Consent To Disclose Details

Employee Information Form

Emergency Phone Numbers

Job Description

Medical Consent

New Personnel Checklist

Notice Of Request For Verification

Personal Information

Receipt For Employee Handbook

Rehire Form

Relocation Expense Approval

Withholding Tax Information

----Personnel Management:

Annual Attendance Record

Authorisation For Overtime

Change To Company Vacation Policy

Company Car-pool Plan

Daily Time Record

Department Absence Report

Department Overtime Report

Disability Certificate

Employee Absence Report

Exspense Account Report

Expense Account Statement

Employee Change--details

Emergency Phone Numbers

Employee Flexitime Schedule

Employee Health Record

Employee Raise Not Appropriate

Employee Request--inspect File

Employee Status Change

Employee Suggestion

Employee Transfer Request

Free Bonus Certificate

Funeral Leave Request

Grievance Form

Letter Of Commendation

Lease Of Employee From Agency

Letter Of Employee Unruly Conduct

Letter Of Encouragement--sales

Letter Of Proposed Merger

Mileage Reimbursement Letter

Mileage Reimbursement Report

Military Duty Absence

No Christmas Bonus

Notice Of Established Workday/Week

Notice Of Disqualification Of Bonus

Notice To Keep Accurate Car Records

Notice Of Equal Opportunity Policy

Notice Of Revoking Power Of Employee

Off-duty Employment Request

Overtime Permit

Personnel Emergency Record

Recommendation Of Employee

Retirement Party Announcement

Supervisors Report/Work Injury

Temporary Personnel Requisition

Temporary Employment Requisition

Time Log

Time Sheet - Hourly Employees

Holiday Leave Request

Workers Compensation/Type Doctor

---- Performance Evaluation

Acccured Benefits Statement

Acknowledgement Of Past Patronage

Congratulations On A Job Well Done

Congratulations On Your Promotion#1

Congratulations On Your Promotion#2

Critical Incidents Report

Disciplinary Notice

Disciplinary Report

Disciplinary Warning

Employee Benefits Analysis

Employee Benefits List

Employee Performance Checklist

Employee Performance Review

Employee Rating Response

Excessive Absenteeism Warning

Letter Of Recommendation

Letter Of Acknowledgement

New Promotion Announcement

Notice Of Anniversary Banquet

Notice Of Salary Increase

Notice Of Unsatisfactory Behaviour

Performance Analysis Worksheet

Salary Recommendation Form

Suspension Rating Response

Temporary Employee Evaluation

Warning Notice Of Non Performance

---- Disciplinary/Dismissal/Terminate/Retirement

Acknowledgement Of Resignation

Best Wishes On Retirement

Employee Checkout List

Employee Exit Interview

Employee Release

Final Dismissal Notice

Final Warning Before Dismissal

General Release

Impending Notice Of Layoff

Involuntary Discharge

First And Second Warning Notice

Letter Of Release/Intoxicated On Job

Letter Terminating Sales Rep

Mutual Release

Notice Of Termination/Rules Violation

Notice Of Probation

Notice Of Suspension

Notice Of Reduction In Work Force

Notice Of Termination Due To Absence

Notice Of Termination/Lack Of Work

Refusal To Grant References

Retirement Checklist


Suspension Without Pay Notice

Termination Of Employment

Unemployment Compensation Record

Voluntary Resignation # (1)

Voluntary Resignation # (2)

---- Resolutions

Resolution - Entertainment Allowance

Resolution - Child Care Plan

Resolution - Christmas Bonus

Resolution - Club Membership

Resolution - Company Car

Resolution - Entertainment Allowance

Resolution - Counseling Plan

Resolution - Incentive Share Option

Resolution - Low Interest Loan

Resolution - Discount Program

Resolution - Medical Dental Plan

Resolution - Paid-up Annuity Plan

Resolution - Performance Bonus

Resolution - Relocation Allowance

Resolution - Work Aid Program


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