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COMMITMENT LETTER Free Business Letter Template

We’ve prepared a bundle of letter templates to be used in general business situation. Feel free to use them with our compliments. However we ask that you do not reproduce these templates on any medium for public display or re-sale.

**********Template Begins ************


CLIENT: ___________________________________ DATE _________________



ART WORK FOR [NAME] DESIGN: Includes conceptual layouts, comprehensive layout, artist’s renderings, preparation of camera – ready mechanicals.

Estimated cost $_________.

(Typography costs are extra)

This commitment form is to serve as Client’s written authorisation for [firm] to perform services and/or contract with suppliers for the above described items or services (radio, television, magazine, publication, outdoor advertising, artwork, production, etc.) on client’s behalf. Client’s signature also indicates understanding of estimates, prices, terms and liability to [firm] for said items or services. Alterations or revisions of above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon additional written orders.


DATE__________________________ CLIENT____________________


********** Template Ends ************

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