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Contract Preparation Tips, Hints & Secrets

You don’t have to pay through the nose for advice from a high-fee lawyer. Why? Because it’s NOW possible to have “on hand” expert insights and know-how you can use in business.

Remember that if a misunderstanding occurs in business the last line of defence you have is a signed contract. However, whether you legally come out “on top” or not, depends entirely on how well the contract was drafted, and the legal provisions and clauses in the contract.

At your disposal, is a new legal guide full of tips, hints, and legal secrets.

It reveals in everyday plain English every-thing you need to know about using business contracts. Read it and it’ll unshackle you from needing time-consuming and high-fee, behind closed-door consultations with solicitors.

Priceless Contract Information!

One of the most common areas where a contract can let you down is when it contains “double meanings” or ambiguities. The safest possible way to avoid having a contract torn-apart is by making sure it includes well-defined clauses, which only embody CLEAR and concise meanings.

This new guide covers “Power Clauses” and vital areas as: