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Tenancy Agreements

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“How You Can Prevent The ATO And A Court Of Law From Seizing Your Assets!”
How You Can Prevent The ATO And A Court Of Law From Seizing Your Assets!

Your company SHIELD is an invaluable asset. It's especially vital to you during a business crises.

But this protective shield can easily be pierced.

If this occurs, your liability protection (together with all of the tax benefits) you have -- through owning a company could be totally wiped out! All it takes is for the Australian Taxation Office to conduct an investigation of your company records.

And the ATO is stepping-up its inspection of company records in this financial year.

After reviewing your records, they may find inconsistencies and errors unbeknown to you. If you haven't kept complete and accurate minutes (and other forms) NOW required by federal law... your troubles could start right there and then!

Do you own a proprietary limited company?

If you do then you should use the Company Documents Software™ Why? Because it keeps your registered company totally organised, and out of accounting, collection and legal troubles.


This software needs ONLY a 5-minute investment in your company every month and you're done.

Presto! You're now in legal and statutory compliance.

These days a company is the target of the ATO, State and local taxing authorities, employees and unreasonable customers. To keep proper (and accurate) company records is not only important but it's absolutely crucial! You no longer have to pay high fees to an accountant or solicitor to get your company records in order because this company forms software can do it ALL for you with incredible accuracy and speed.

Company Documents Software® Index:

Form001 -- Accountant's Audit Engagement Letter

Form002 -- Adendum To Contract

Form003 -- Affidavit For Lost/Stolen Share Certificate

Form004 -- Affidavit Of Title--company

Form005 -- Agreement To Organise Company

Form006 -- Agreement To Redeem Shares On Shareholders Death

Form007 -- Appointment Of Company As Trustee

Form008 -- Appointment Of Proxy

Form009 -- Application To Reserve A Company Name

Form010 -- Articles Of Dissolution Prior To Issuance Of Shares

Form011 -- Articles Of Association Of Company

Form012 -- Articles Of Association [general]

Form013 -- Assignment Of Contract

Form014 -- Bill Of Sale Of Property [by Company To Company]

Form015 -- Buy-sell Agreement Between Shareholders

Form016 -- Buy-sell On Shareholders Death

Form017 -- Buy-sell Agreement On Employment Termination

Form018 -- Bylaw--indemnification Of Officers And Directors

Form019 -- Bylaw--transactions With Interested Directors

Form020 -- Certificate Of Adendment--articles Of Association

Form021 -- Certificate Of Company Vote

Form022 -- Certification Of Incorporation Of Company

Form023 -- Common Stock--more Than One Vote Per Share

Form024 -- Comprehensive Purposes And Powers Provision

Form025 -- Confidentiality Contract

Form026 -- Consent Of Shareholders--action Without Meeting

Form027 -- Demand For Inspection Of Company Booksandrecords

Form028 -- Directors Report

Form029 -- Directors Declaration

Form030 -- Directors Special Report

Form031 -- Employment Contract

Form032 -- Enduring Power Of Attorney

Form033 -- Establishment Of A Company Trust

Form034 -- Execution Of Lease

Form035 -- Expense Reimbursement Contract

Form036 -- General Affidavit

Form037 -- General Contract

Form038 -- General Power Of Attorney

Form039 -- Independent Contractor Agreement--with Company

Form040 -- Irrevocable Proxy

Form041 -- Limited Power Of Attorney

Form042 -- Minutes Of Annual General Meeting

Form043 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: [small Company]

Form044 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Officer Changes

Form045 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Board Of Directors

Form046 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Director's Meeting

Form047 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: First Directors Meeting

Form048 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Meeting Of Shareholders

Form049 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Interim Dividend

Form050 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Regular Board Meeting

Form051 -- Minutes Of The Meeting: Resignation Of Director

Form052 -- Model Bylaws Of Nonshare Or Share Cooperative

Form053 -- Model Bylaws Of Company

Form054 -- Model Bylaws Of Share Company

Form055 -- Model Proxy

Form056 -- Notice Of Annual Meeting

Form057 -- Notice Of Directors Meeting

Form058 -- Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Shareholders

Form059 -- Notice Of Organisational Meeting Of Directors

Form060 -- Notice Of Special Meeting Of Board Of Directors

Form061 -- Notice Of Special Meeting Of Directors

Form062 -- Notice Of Special Meeting Of Shareholders

Form063 -- Offer To Purchase Shares

Form064 -- Power Of Attorney--indorse Negotiable Instruments

Form065 -- Preferredandcommon Shares--dividendandliquidation

Form066 -- Pre-incorporation Agreement

Form067 -- Promissory Note

Form068 -- Proxy

Form069 -- Ratification Of Minutes Of Meeting [minutes Read]

Form070 -- Resignation Of Director

Form071 -- Resignation Of Officer

Form072 -- Retainer Agreement--accountant

Form073 -- Revocable Proxy

Form074 -- Revocation Of An Enduring Power Of Attorney

Form075 -- Revocation Of Power Of Attorney

Form076 -- Sale Of Business By Transfer Of Capital Shares

Form077 -- Share Purchase Agreement

Form078 -- Share Transfer Agreement

Form079 -- Shareholders Agreement

Form080 -- Shareholders Buy-sell Agreement

Form081 -- Shareholders Redemption Agreement

Form082 -- Shareholders Voting Agreement

Form083 -- Special Meeting Waiver Of Notice

Form084 -- Special Power Of Attorney

Form085 -- Statutory Declaration

Form086 -- Share Certificate

Form087 -- Share Proxy

Form088 -- Share Transfer Restrictions

Form089 -- Subscription To Company Shares

Form090 -- Time (payment) Note

Form091 -- Trustee's Certificate Of Shares

Form092 -- Unlimited Power Of Attorney

Form093 -- Voting Trust Agreement

Form094 -- Voting Trust Agreement And Certificate

Form095 -- Waiver Of Notice Of Annual Meeting

Form096 -- Waiver Of Notice--annual Shareholders Meeting

Form097 -- Waiver Of Notice--board Of Directors Meeting

Form098 -- Waiver Of Notice--meeting Of Shareholders

Form099 -- Waiver Of Notice--directors Meeting

Form100 -- Waiver Of Notice--shareholders Meeting

----- Company Directors And Shareholders Resolutions

Form101 -- Accept Director's Resignation

Form102 -- Acceptance Of Offer To Purchase Shares

Form103 -- Acquire Assets Of Business

Form104 -- Acquire Shares Of Stock

Form105 -- Adjustment After Reappraisal Of Assets

Form106 -- Adopt A Severance Benefit Plan

Form107 -- Adopt Amendment--articles Of Association

Form108 -- Adopt Cafeteria Plan Of Benefits

Form109 -- Adopt Employee Benefit Plan

Form110 -- Adopt Employee Welfare Plan

Form111 -- Adopt Official Company Seal

Form112 -- Adopt Trade Name

Form113 -- Adopt Wage Continuation Plan

Form114 -- Adopting Employees Welfare Plan

Form115 -- Adopting Share Option Plan

Form116 -- Adoption Group Life Insurance Plan

Form117 -- Adoption Of Financial Counseling Plan

Form118 -- Adoption Of Group Legal Services Plan

Form119 -- Adoption Of Profit-sharing Plan

Form120 -- Advising Approval Of Merger

Form121 -- Advising Filing Of Bankruptcy

Form122 -- Amend Articles Of Incorporation

Form123 -- Amend Bylaws [small Company]

Form124 -- Amendment Of Bylaws

Form125 -- Amendment To Articles Of Association

Form126 -- Appoint A Purchasing Agent

Form127 -- Appoint Appraiserandappraise Assets

Form128 -- Appointment Of Solicitors

Form129 -- Approve Cash Bonus

Form130 -- Approve Employee Loan Program

Form131 -- Approve Employee Scholarship Benefits

Form132 -- Approve Group Legal Benefits

Form133 -- Approve Qualified Share Option

Form134 -- Approval Of Benefit Plan

Form135 -- Approval Of Loan To Pay Dividend

Form136 -- Approval Of Merger--wholly Owned Subsidiary

Form137 -- Approval Of Profit Sharing Plan

Form138 -- Approval Of Sale Of Company Assets

Form139 -- Approval Of Life Insurance Benefits

Form140 -- Approval Of Share Bonus To Directors

Form141 -- Approval Share Option Plan

Form142 -- Approving Credit Line--board Of Directors

Form143 -- Approving Loans To Officers / Employees

Form144 -- Assets Purchase--shareholders Resolution

Form145 -- Assign Lease

Form146 -- At-home Entertainment Allowance

Form147 -- Authorise Additional Cash Dividend

Form148 -- Authorise Appointment Of Director/Officer

Form149 -- Authorise Borrowing On Line Of Credit

Form150 -- Authorise Contract

Form151 -- Authorise Charge Account

Form152 -- Authorise Christmas Bonuses

Form153 -- Authorise Country Club Membership

Form154 -- Authorise Directors Compensation

Form155 -- Authorise Franchise Agreement

Form156 -- Authorise Group Medical/Dental Benefits

Form157 -- Authorise Leave Of Absence

Form158 -- Authorise Raise

Form159 -- Authorise Repayment Plan

Form160 -- Authorise Sale/Leaseback

Form161 -- Authorising Adoption Of Wage Plan

Form162 -- Authorising Solicitors To Defend Company

Form163 -- Authorising Borrowing Of Money

Form164 -- Authorising Educational Loan Plan

Form165 -- Authorising Execution Of Guaranty Contract

Form166 -- Authorising Issuance Of Shares For Property

Form167 -- Authorising Issuance Of Shares For Services

Form168 -- Authorising Loans To Directors/Employees

Form169 -- Authorising Loan To Pay Dividend

Form170 -- Authorising Mortgage Of Company Property

Form171 -- Authorisation Of Employee Medical/Dental Plan

Form172 -- Authorisation Of Litigation--board Of Directors

Form173 -- Authorisation Of Scholarship Aid Program

Form174 -- Authorisation Managing Directors Expense Account

Form175 -- Authorising Purchase Of Property

Form176 -- Authorsing Rental Of Property

Form177 -- Authorising Sale Of Company Assets

Form178 -- Authority To Negotiate Contract

Form179 -- Authority To Sign Negotiable Instruments

Form180 -- Blanket Authority To Sell Assets

Form181 -- Blanket Authority To Sell Property

Form182 -- Bonus To Be Paid In Shares

Form183 -- Borrow Against Accounts Receivable

Form184 -- Borrow Capital

Form185 -- Borrow From Designated Bank

Form186 -- Borrow On Inventory And Equipment

Form187 -- Call Shareholders Meeting

Form188 -- Cash Payment In Lieu Of Fractional Shares

Form189 -- Certificate Of Company Resolution

Form190 -- Change Company Address

Form191 -- Change Company Name

Form192 -- Change Date Of Annual Meeting

Form193 -- Charge Amount Of Authorised Shares

Form194 -- Changing Officers Salaries

Form195 -- Christmas Bonus For Employees

Form196 -- Club Membership--board Of Directors

Form197 -- Company Car--board Of Directors

Form198 -- Company Resolution To Amend Bylaws

Form199 -- Company Resolution To Borrow From Bank

Form200 -- Company Resolution To Open Bank Acconut

Form201 -- Commence Litigation

Form202 -- Conversion Of Excess Depreciation--surplus

Form203 -- Declaring A Cash Dividend

Form204 -- Declaring A Dividend In Kind

Form205 -- Declaring A Share Dividend [small Company]

Form206 -- Declare An Extra Dividend [small Company]

Form207 -- Declaring A Regular Dividend

Form208 -- Declaring An Extra Dividend

Form209 -- Declaring Share Dividend

Form210 -- Defend Suit

Form211 -- Designating A Purchasing Agent

Form212 -- Dissolve Company--shareholder Approval

Form213 -- Distribution Of Proceeds--sale Of Assets

Form214 -- Engaging A New Accountant

Form215 -- Exercise Option To Extend Lease

Form216 -- Factor Accounts Receivable

Form217 -- File For Receivership

Form218 -- Fill Vacancy On Board [temporary Position]

Form219 -- Filling Vacancy On Board

Form220 -- Financial Counseling Plan

Form221 -- Fix Salary

Form222 -- Fixing Attendance Fees For Directors

Form223 -- For Sale And Leaseback Of Real Estate

Form224 -- Grant Mortgage/Security Interest

Form225 -- Indemnify And Save Harmless

Form226 -- Increasing Capital Shares

Form227 -- Issue Guarantee

Form228 -- Issue Option To Buy Shares

Form229 -- Issue Release

Form230 -- Lease Equipment

Form231 -- Lease Motor Vehicles

Form232 -- Lease Premises

Form233 -- Leasing Company Officess

Form234 -- Loan Funds

Form235 -- Low-interest Loan--board Of Directors

Form236 -- Make Assignment--benefit Of Creditors

Form237 -- Make Charitable Contribution

Form238 -- Merchandise Discount Program

Form239 -- Modify Officer Salaries

Form240 -- Negotiate Contract

Form241 -- Notice Of Share Dividend

Form242 -- Obtain Company Charge Card

Form243 -- Obtain Federal/State License

Form244 -- Obtain Trademark

Form245 -- Officers Bonus At Stated Amount

Form246 -- Open Bank Cheque Accounts

Form247 -- Pay Officer Bonuses

Form248 -- Performance Bonus--board Of Directors

Form249 -- Providing Retention--accumulated Earnings

Form250 -- Purchase Boat

Form251 -- Purchase Equipment

Form252 -- Purchase Of Private Club Membership

Form253 -- Purchase Of Real Estate [investment]

Form254 -- Purchase Motor Vehicle

Form255 -- Purchase Real Estate For Company Business

Form256 -- Qualify As A Foreign Company

Form257 -- Ratify Acts

Form258 -- Reimburse Lender

Form259 -- Reimbursement To Officer

Form260 -- Relocation Allowance

Form261 -- Retain Accountant

Form262 -- Retain Solicitor

Form263 -- Retain Business Broker

Form264 -- Retain Business Consultant

Form265 -- Retain Earnings

Form266 -- Remove An Officer Or Director

Form267 -- Repay Excess Compensation

Form268 -- Reappraisal Of Assets

Form269 -- Salary Declared Unreasonable

Form270 -- Salary Termination Of Officers

Form271 -- Sell Assets Subject To Approval

Form272 -- Sell Business Assets

Form273 -- Sell Company Shares

Form274 -- Sell Company Equipment

Form275 -- Sell Company Motor Vehicle

Form276 -- Sell Company Owned Real Estate

Form277 -- Settle Litigation

Form278 -- Setting Bonus Based On Net Profits

Form279 -- Setting Salary Of Director

Form280 -- Shareholders Resolution--superannuation Plan

Form281 -- Shareholders Resolution--allocate Profits

Form282 -- Shareholders Resolution--approve Cessation

Form283 -- Shareholders Resolution--approve Share Option

Form284 -- Shareholders Resolution--borrow Money

Form285 -- Shareholders Resolution--borrow Against Realty

Form286 -- Shareholders Resolution--child Care Plan

Form287 -- Shareholders Resolution--special Allowance

Form288 -- Skip A Dividend [common Shares Of Company]

Form289 -- Special Meeting To Appoint Auditors

Form290 -- Special Meeting To Elect Directors

Form291 -- Special Resolution--reappraisal Of Assets

Form292 -- Special Shareholders Meeting

Form293 -- Stating Company's Dividend Policy

Form294 -- Share Bonus For Officers

Form295 -- Sublet Space

Form296 -- Terminate Contract

Form297 -- Terminate Employee

Form298 -- Terminate Foreign Company Status

Form299 -- Terminate Lease

Form300 -- Terminate Officer Salaries

Form301 -- Waive Restrictions On Transfer




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